"The Appraisal 19 Difference"

You have two options with a property tax appeal!

Option Do-It-Yourself

Some property owners choose to go about the tax appeal process on their own. However, know that tax appeals require three things:

  1. MLS, Costar Database – That gives you access to reliable comps that can be adjusted.
  2. Time – Approximately 4 hours are required to identify and adjust the required sales comps. In addition, add another 4 hours for your court appearance.
  3. Expertise – The county appraisers contest tax appeals for a living. They are experts. That is why you really need an expert on your side!

Option Hire a tax agent

Compare Appraisal 19 against other high priced California tax agents
who charge 40-50% commission

A fee as low as 15%, saving you thousands
If we win a reduction, we only charge you for that year. (If your reduction holds for subsequent years, many other tax agents will automatically charge you.)
You will receive a reduced fee if we can settle out of court with the assessor
We will often file both a formal and informal appeal, assuring you the largest refund in the shortest amount of time
Better Business Bureau
A Rating
(zero complaints... year after year)
With over 5500 California property valuations since 2008, we know how to pursue the maximum reduction