Do Your Home Property Taxes Seem High? The Time To File An Appeal Could Never Be Better!

1) The National Taxpayers Union estimate that up to 60% of properties in Alameda and Contra Costa County are over-assessed.  That is the County has placed a value on your home (thus tax) that is greater than the value of similar homes in your neighborhood that have recently sold.

2) Property Taxes in all but four cities in Alameda County actually went up in 2011-12.

3) Less than 5% of home owners appeal their property taxes, about two-thirds win their appeals.

4) Even a small reduction in your home’s assessment of let’s say $35,000 could save you over $400 per year in property tax … year after year.

Simply go to the County website to download an appeal application at scroll down to the middle of the page and click onto “Decline in Market Value -2011-12 Informal Request for Reassessment.”  Print the form and you are on your way.